using jquery’s spinner in custom component


  1. You are using jQuery
  2. You are using jQuery UI

By using jquery ui’s autocomplete you get this nice spinner in your input-tag.
It is pretty easy to reuse the spinner in you own component.

$(‘#user_id’).addClass( “ui-autocomplete-loading”);

$(‘#user_id’).removeClass( “ui-autocomplete-loading”);

In my case I used an following ajax-call:

$('#user_suchen').click(function() {
$('#user_id').addClass( "ui-autocomplete-loading" );
var userId = $('#user_id').val();
url : '${getUserData}',
data : { "userId" : userId },
dataType : "json",
success : function(data, textStatus, jqXHR) {
$('#user_id').removeClass( "ui-autocomplete-loading" );
error : function( jqXHR, jqXHR, textStatus,errorThrown ) {
$('#user_id').removeClass( "ui-autocomplete-loading" );

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