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Start WebSphere Portal 24. February 2015

c:\IBM\PortalServer\AppServer\bin>startserver WebSphere_Portal
ADMU0116I: Toolinformationen werden in der Datei
ADMU0128I: Das Tool wird mit dem Profil wp_profile gestartet.
ADMU3100I: Die Konfiguration des Servers wird gelesen: WebSphere_Portal
ADMU3200I: Der Server wurde gestartet. Es wird auf den Initialisierungsstatus

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Gute Einfürung in Graphviz 19. February 2015

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mobaxterm 18. February 2015


F11 = full screen

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graphviz windows mac

mac – commandline.

dot -Tsvg -o meinedatei.svg

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i18n for php 13. February 2015

Good example can be found.

Install homebrew

download the tools

execute them

/usr/local/opt/gettext/bin/msgfmt messages.po

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Cross join

Cross join mostly used:

By learning sql you will soon get in touch with joins.
The following examples show this type of join which is called cross join.
The result is a Cartesian product between the two tables.

select * from a, b

In more complex queries you have to use the ansi syntax to make the query more readable.
This makes it easier to understand the query later – or if someone else tries to understand what
you are doing.

ansi syntax of cross join

select * from a
cross join b

This was just an example the see how it works.
This is an example where you about what I’m taking about

select * from a
cross join b
join c
on = c.b_id
join d
on = d.c_id

So don’t forget. That there are not only

  • joins (with join condition)
  • left joins
  • left outer joins

but also the cross join.

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Maven Release Plugin 11. February 2015

mvn release:clean
mvn release:prepare
mvn release:perform


Installation eine hpi_Datei- die hat den gleichen Aufbau wie ein war.

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maven-scm-provider-svnjava 3. February 2015

If you whant to use a pure java implementation of a cvs client you got to download
the latest version of it.

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