Month: October 2014

eclipse remote system explorer – shell ed – php plugin

Sometimes I need to do administration stuff. Because I am a fulltime Java Developer I feel confortable using eclipse. I only have basic knolege about vi. Another thing is – I work with Windows and Mac Computers – And I like software that can run on poth operating systems. mobaxterm and WinSCP are nice Tools …

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Trim String to fit in UTF-8 encoded DB-column

Most People in the World are using more tjen the ASCIIcode. Most of our customers deal with an international audience. The only solution ist to use UTF8 everywhere. Everywhere means in the database and in the software. UTF8 is a format to spare space. public class WWSUtils { public static String trimUnicodeToMaxsizeInUtf8Bytes(String input, int size) …

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which is an alternative to IBMs DB2? I’m trying to use Postgress as a alternative DB-Server. should be open source shuld run on windows mac and linx should be compatible with db2 I tryed postgress because, if you got to you get literatur and manuels. The amount of literatur you get from is …

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Format SQL with Java

The dynamic generated SQL of our Java-applikation needed to be formatted. The formatted SQL was then logged in the error-log of our application. To accomplish this task it was agood idea to use the formatter of the Hibernate Framework. org.hibernate.engine.jdbc.internal.BasicFormatterImpl.BasicFormatterImpl() String formattedSQL = new BasicFormatterImpl().format(sql); In the older Version of hibernate the formatter had an …

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